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Weekly Announcement 5/2/2011
Two weeks ago Brad Wright announced that Stargate will not continue in any format, show or movies, in the forseeable future. During that time we have all felt the anger, disappointment and frustration at seeing a beloved franchise end so abruptly.

Brad Wright is also quoted as saying: “It’s a franchise. Stargate is not over,” he said. “Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen,” and he encouraged fans to tell MGM that they still want Stargate.

How Can Fans Keep Stargate Alive After Cancellation of Movies/Series?

As we said last week, Stargate is not dead! As long as there are passionate fans, as long as the idea and dream of stargate lives on in the hearts and imagination of fans then Stargate will never die.

This article, "10 Lessons About Life After Cancellation that Stargate Can Learn" offers good and encouraging advice and discusses how fans can help Stargate live on.

Even though there are no new movies or series for Stargate, there are still episodes in syndication, there will be viewers who will watch for the first time who will become new fans, there are still books being published and DVD/Blu Ray releases to look forward to. Fans will still write fan fic, post on message boards and enjoy episode rewinds together.

Keeping Stargate Alive and Vital:

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Campaign Blog 04/18/2011

Posted by mariewynn on 2011.04.18 at 19:04
Future of Stargate
At the Vancouver Convention this past weekend Brad Wright announced there will be no SGU movie and the Stargate SG1 and Atlantis movies have been permanently shelved.

However, Brad Wright is also quoted as saying: “It’s a franchise. Stargate is not over,” he said. “Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen.”


Future of the Campaign
With the movies permanently shelved and no definitive action from MGM on behalf of the franchise the Stargate Movies Campaign has, in at least its present form, may have run it course. We have very much enjoyed running this campaign and we do not regret, and never will regret standing up for SG1 and SGA and trying to rally support for the movies. It may have always been a long shot but it was a shot worth taking.

We have had the opportunity to meet and work with great people. The fan involvement and support has been fantastic. Most of all it was fun. It has very much been worth it-we would not change a thing, except of course having the movies greenlighted.

The campaign does not plan to disappear or take down our shingle just yet; we, as well as most other fans, need time to grieve. We also want to take the time to celebrate and pay homage to a wonderful franchise and in particular two shows that captured the hearts, imagination and passion of fans worldwide. We are working on a few ideas that would allow all of us to celebrate SG1 and SGA together.

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Any SGA/SG1 Movie News?
There has been no substantiated news on the SGA/SG1 movies. We know this is frustrating and disheartening. Obviously no one knows what the prospect of the movies are at the moment - except maybe Brad Wright. Brad will be at the SG Vancouver Convention this weekend. We are hoping he will make a statement regarding the SGA/SG1 movies. If not, we hope that a fan would politely ask him about the SGA/SG1 movies.

Any decision MGM renders in regard to SGA and SG1 movies will have a lot to do if they think these shows are still able to produce a profit. Well SGA has episodes still running in syndication, has a series of books coming out and had a new 2011 calendar released this year. SG1 recently had a comic book series released and is in the process of working on a new audiobook series with cast members. In other words SGA and SG1 are still making money for MGM!

The fate of the movies is in the hands of MGM/Spyglass. As fans we are doing our part; We are supporting SGA and SG1. We are telling MGM, Spyglass and Syfy that fans support the movies and we are telling them fans will not give them a free pass to bury these movies. There is a strong and devoted fanbase for SG1 and SGA, lets continue to make sure TPTB hear us.

Campaign Updates:

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The deadline for video contest submissions has arrived and we have two amazing entries for the SGA category! We would like to thank the creators for taking the time to create these videos and for spreading their love of Stargate! You can view the videos via the player below or by visiting our YouTube channel.

Voting options:
1) Via the LiveJournal poll below.
2) By emailing us at sgcampaignvotes@yahoo.com. Please be sure to include the entry number and creator of the video you are voting for.
3) By going to the Contests page of our website, picking the entry you want to vote for from the drop down box, and hitting submit.

Voting will begin Monday April 11 and end Sunday April 17 at midnight EST. Be sure to get your votes in and keep an eye out for more contests!
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Campaign Blog 4/4/2011

Posted by mariewynn on 2011.04.08 at 08:14
Weekly Blog April 4, 2011

Thanks to everyone who participated in Stargate March Madness.
The goal was to make some noise and tell MGM that SG fans still support and want the SGA and SG1 movies - and we feel we were successful! There were great tweets, lots of traffic on our Facebook and Campaign Websites and hopefully lots of letters.

Stargate Reminder:
Dr McKay (David Hewlett) and Mr. Woolsey (Robert Picardo) will be guesting on SGU this week - Monday in the USA and Tuesday in Canada. This is a unique event since both McKay and Woolsey, while being SGA regulars, were characters that were born on SG1.
The Stargate Movies Campaign is taking the position that a show of support for this episode would be a good thing. We are asking fans to tune in to this episode and encourage others to do so too. If you missed it, be sure to look out for it in reruns or on Hulu.com (episodes are available 30 days after the original air date).

SGA and SG1 on iTunes!!
Full seasons of SG-1 and Atlantis are available at temporarily reduced prices. Not sure how long this will last. This is another way to show support for SGA and SG1 and prove it can still make money.

Campaign Updates:

Important Reminder!
Just because the March Campaign is over that doesn't mean our support of SGA and SG1 is ending - if you did not already do so, we strongly ask that you send a letter of support to the executives in charge at MGM and Spyglass.
This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do.
Please check our CAMPAIGN PAGE for sample letter and addresses.

Twitter Time!
During March Madness we offered several folks gifts for their tweets. Some were accepted and some were not. So in the next week or so we will again be offering gifts for a few random tweets that support SGA, SG1 and the movies.
You will need to stay tuned to find out when!

Video Contest!
Thanks to those fans who sent us videos for the contest. It will take us a week or two to go through them and get them uploaded.

Thank YOU - Stargate Fans are the Best!
Major Davis, MarieWynn, EdenSG


Final Days of Stargate March Madness....

These are the final days of the March Madness Campaign. SO - Have you gotten mad yet?

MGM is currently making decisions that will likely decide the future of Stargate.
NOW is the time to make some noise!
NOW is the time to TELL MGM that:

- fans will not give them an easy pass on the movies,
- the future of Stargate needs to include SG1 and SGA
- fans still support and want more SGA and SG1

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Let's Fight for SG1 and SGA,
Let's DO IT NOW!

Major Davis, MarieWynn, EdenSG

Weekly Blog March 21, 2011

Last 10 Days of Stargate March Madness....

Two and a half years ago MGM & Syfy announced SGA was cancelled. Within days, they told fans that both SG1 and SGA would live on bigger and better in movies.

Today, the movies have not been made and the entire fanchise is in trouble. And fans are mad.

SO this is it - the last 10 days of the March Madness campaign.
MGM is currently making decisions that will likely decide the future of Stargate. NOW is the time to TELL MGM that:

- fans will not give them an easy pass on the movies,
- the future of Stargate needs to include SG1 and SGA
- fans still support and want more SGA and SG1

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Campaign Blog 03/14/2011

Posted by mariewynn on 2011.03.23 at 18:43
Weekly Blog  March 14, 2011

Stargate March Madness Continues...

So, have you gotten your mad on yet?

We don't know where MGM stands on the SG1 and SGA movies , BUT we do know that MGM is currently looking at the SG franchise to make decisions about it's future.

We are asking all fans to make the effort to contact MGM this month to TELL MGM that there is a future for Stargate and that future needs to include SG1 and SGA. SG1 and SGA have proven commadities - they are successful and profitable.

We don't know how much time we have to make our voice heard. So please:

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Have you gotten mad yet?

From Joe Mallozzi's blog:
"Hopefully, by the time its airs (final ep of SGU), we’ll have definite word on a potential movie or two. If it’s a go and fans can look forward to a proper end to Destiny’s mission, then Gauntlet will certainly set the stage for a grand conclusion."

So the questions are:
What about the Stargate SG1 and Atlantis movies that fans were assured would be made?
What about the SG1 &SGA fans whose support helped make those shows so very successful?
What about the proper end that SGA deserves?

We cannot let MGM & company ignore the SG1/SGA movies and fans. We cannot give MGM an easy pass on these movies. Tell MGM & company how much fans support SGA and SG1, that we will not forget the promised movies and the franchise needs more SGA & SG1!

Please join us:

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Campaign Blog 02/23/2011

Posted by mariewynn on 2011.02.23 at 21:18

Campaign Blog 02/23/2011

Not a lot of news this week. Joe Mallozzi announced on his blog that he would avoid giving updates until something definite could be shared.

We do know that MGM is currently making their decisions on the future of Stargate. We firmly believe that if there is a future for the Stargate Franchise it will need to include the SG1 and SGA movies.

It is vital that we continue to fight for SGA and SG1 - let's make sure that MGM knows that fans have not given up the movies and that the future of Stargate Franchise must include SG1 and SGA!!!

Updates will be posted on the campaign


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